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  1. Keep your eyes on these eight magic letters: A, E, I, L, N, R, S, and T.
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  5. Place letters around bonus tiles.

Going into a game of Scrabble with no strategy can spell trouble. In , during the height of the Great Depression, an out-of-work architect named Alfred Mosher Butts invented a game that would bring joy to millions of Americans. Fast forward to today, and Scrabble continues to delight millions of people all over the world.

We compiled a list of tips and tricks players of all skill levels can use the next time they play this iconic game. So call up your friends and schedule a game night because you'll want to put these 12 Scrabble hacks into action. Even if you aren't able to get a high-scoring word, use these spots. It will cut off your opponents and prevent them from running up the score. If you're having a rough time coming up with words, having one or more of these letters on your deck can help greatly. They're hard to pull off, but knowing two-letter and three-letter words can be the kiss of death for your opponents if you place them on bonus spaces.

Check out these lists for two-letter and three-letter Scrabble words for ideas. As Scrabble pros are familiar with, there's no greater feeling in the game than being able to use your entire deck for a word in a single turn. Commonly known as a Scrabble "bingo," you can add 50 points on top of what the word would normally score. By knowing words with prefixes and suffixes, you'll be able to piggyback off of your opponents' scores. The news of the impending extradition comes one day after some diplomats and scholars wrote a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping appealing for the release of two Canadian prisoners.

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Keep your eyes on these eight magic letters: A, E, I, L, N, R, S, and T.

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The case has since been at the centre of ongoing diplomatic tensions between Canada and China. Related Stories Scholars, diplomats plead with China to release Canadians in open letter. Huawei not only firm that could build Canada's eventual 5G networks: Americans face deadline to file paperwork for Huawei executive's extradition. China demands U. Report Error. NDP calls for inquiry into alleged interference. Peter MacKay: Every player has the same letters on the same board and the players must submit a paper slip at the end of the allotted time usually 3 minutes with the highest scoring word they have found.

There is no limit to the number of players that can be involved in one game, and at Vichy in there were players, a record for French Scrabble tournaments. Scarabeo is a variant that is much more popular in Italy than the original game.

In one variation of Scrabble , blanks score points corresponding to the letters the blanks are used to represent. For example, if one played blank to represent a Z, it would get ten; a blank to represent a V or an H would get four; a blank to represent a D would get 2 and blank to represent a T, N, L, S or R or any of the vowels would get one. Popular among tournament Scrabble players is Clabbers.


In Clabbers, any move that consists of anagrams of allowable words is allowed. A junior version, called Junior Scrabble , has been marketed. This has slightly different distributions of frequencies of letter tiles to the standard Scrabble game. The game has been released in numerous gameboard formats appealing to various user groups. The original boards included wood tiles and many "deluxe" sets still do. Both games are made by Winning Moves and feature smaller, plastic tiles that are held in place on the board with little plastic posts.

The standard version features exactly the same tiles as regular Scrabble. Editions are available for travelers who may wish to play in a conveyance such as a train or plane, or to pause a game in progress and resume later. Many versions thus include methods to keep letters from moving, such as pegboards, recessed tile holders and magnetic tiles.

Players' trays are also designed with stay-fast holders.

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Such boards are also typically designed to be reoriented by each player to put the board upright during the game, as well as folded and stowed with the game in progress. At the opposite end, some "deluxe" editions offer superior materials and features. These include editions on a rotating turntable so players can always face the board with the letters upright and a raised grid that holds the tiles in place. More serious players often favor custom Scrabble boards, often made of acrylic glass or hardwood , that have superior rotating mechanisms and personalized graphics.

An edition has been released in association with the RNIB with larger board and letters for players with impaired vision. The colours on the board are more contrasting and the font size is increased from 16 to 24 point. The tiles are in bold 48 point. An introduction to tournament Scrabble and its players can be found in the book Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis.

"scrabble tile" in Classifieds in Alberta

In the process of writing, Fatsis himself progressed into a high-rated tournament player. The Scrabble Player's Handbook , edited by Stewart Holden and written by an international group of tournament players, gives the information a serious player needs to advance to successful tournament play.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Scrabble disambiguation. Further information: Scrabble letter distributions. The name of the game spelled out in game tiles from the English-language version. Each tile is marked with their point value, with a blank tile—the game's equivalent of a wild card —played as the word's first letter. The blank tile is worth zero points. Main article: Challenge Scrabble. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. English-language Scrabble. Main articles: Scrabble game show and Scrabble Showdown.

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Super Scrabble. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Scrabble variants. Archived from the original on April 24, Archived from the original on June 8, The Guardian. Retrieved Retrieved 29 April June 16, Archived from the original on Word Freak: Scrabble transitioned from living-room novelty—nearly 4 million sets were sold in —to competitive passion in the s, when it landed alongside chess, backgammon , and bridge in smoke-filled games parlors in New York City.

When the tiles were placed in bags during games, unscrupulous players could feel around for the blanks because they had no grooves, a tactic known as " brailling ". Donald Sauter. September Retrieved 6 February Player Edition" PDF.

Place letters around bonus tiles.

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Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 25 March CS1 maint: How a carpenter got the highest Scrabble score ever. Jan Highest Losing Score". This value must then be multiplied by factorial of 7—the number of tiles for which the factorial is the number of combinations—to obtain the probability of drawing the tiles in any order. Guinness World Records Random House Publishing Group. Retrieved 24 March Karl Khoshnaw". Singapore Scrabble Association. Guinness Book of World Records Sterling Publishing.

Words should be fun: Scrabble as a tool for language preservation in Tuvan and other local languages. Retrieved 12 October The Express. Retrieved 6 April Micronauts Mighty Muggs Mr.