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He discovered his love for the online marketing industry whilst managing rock and roll bands at Melodic Music, and spent some time at a Melbourne PPC advertising agency before taking his current position as a junior at Euro RSCG Australia, currently on contract at Telstra. Thompson, and the following sporting teams:. He also likes it when people email him anthony.

TuneIn Radio. App of the Week: Tech and Innovation Posted on February 3, 2 min read. Internet Radio. Your email address will not be published.

BBC iPlayer Radio

Non of above app can be good as AloRadio AloRadio is available in all country. Can request to add any radio channel. Try AccuRadio! It's completely free with less ads than Pandora and unlimited skips, and the music channels are hand-curated. There's also a ban feature which I really like, which allows you to ban artists and songs from your playlist.

And the winner is…

Highly recommend CastBox app, which contains all genres of songs I like for free! You can a lso set the alarm before bedtime, and fall asleep with podcast or radio on. Anybody else who likes it? Numerous free music, radios and audio books! I watch the podcast on youtube when i back home, but the way to office and bedtime podcast,I prefer castbox app more. Recently I am struggling with the insomnia and decided to take podcast before bedtime for better relax. I tried several podcast app on my phone, Podcast Addict CastBox Thus, I concluded several essential tips for evaluating a good podcast app.

Explore free radio station and podcast on a variety of topics, including arts, business, comedy, music, news, sports, and more. Podcast app should cover widely. Browse by audio or video radio and podcast, or see what's most popular in Top Charts. Easily get recommendations for your taste without surfing within the app. Subscribe for your favorites and automatically get new episodes for free as they become available Enjoy convenience on updated content in the channels I like. Great list for our reference! The page design is quite simple with all functions you need.

I uninstalled my bbc, ted after I start using Podcast. Wonderful radio lab.

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I have to say I became a podcast addict now! I enjoyed it whenever I need and it can always bring me joy, happiness and relaxed feeling. Here is the download link for Podcast, hope you like it as well: Try Pure Connect. It's one of the best radio apps available in the market and has a very huge radio station database. I realy like Osons Radio Mode Android app music choice found this days, very strange choice of music, some of them never heard off, some famous hits Which one uses the least amount of data or do you think all the apps use the same amount?

I can't be bothered testing them all out.

How Much Data Is Used To Stream A Radio Station?

Have you tried mytuner radio. Infact I have tried all three of them the pro versions and consider mytuner radio as the best bet so far on android. I believe all people would agree, if you want the radio app ad-free then you have got to buy the pro version. I would appreciate if you can recommend me any other radio app which is better than mytuner radio pro. I love AccuRadio over all. The best genres, unlimited skips, no buffering, great song selections, very limited ads and completely free!!

I just saw your recommendation on the other article. AccuRadio has a mobile app too? Very cool. Definitely going to give it a try this week. No love for Spotify?

Their pre-built playlists cannot be beat, great music selection, and a superb interface. Its the only one i use, Imac to android phone, i listen to it a couple hours a day. Hey David.

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How to listen to radio on your smartphone

Spotify is a great app. I just chose not to include it here because its radio seems more like a secondary function than a primary one. The apps featured here all focus on Internet Radio as a main feature. You can get to it on Google Play via http: Legendary Radio is very succesful application.

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I like this features I recommend it to anyone When combined, these activities can quickly eat up your monthly mobile data allocation. You may not know it, but your smartphone likely has an FM receiver. Instead, your wireless carrier must decide to activate FM chips on all devices on their network. If you are a Verizon or Apple customer, pick up your smartphone and contact your carrier. Those who already have a device with an unlocked FM chip can simply download and test our top 3 favorite radio app for Android.

Tunein radio pro how to do wifi only?

The first two require data to stream radio, but the last uses headphones as an antenna. Founded 14 years ago, in Dallas, TuneIn currently broadcasts over , radio stations and millions of on-demand programs and podcasts to 50 million monthly active users. The service is available on virtually all mobile platforms, and the developers do a great job of delivering a highly polished user experience.