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We used the gold coins we found on our last treasure hunt to buy our new iPhones. And Yo ho ho! These phones can be used as hotspot. Avast ye, let me tell ye fellows about how you can do it on your device. The iPhone comes with numerous useful features that make it worth buying.

iPhone 3gs-set up WiFi

One of these features is the ability to convert an iPhone into a personal hotspot. This means that you can wirelessly share your iPhone data plan with other WiFi capable devices. It is however through the latest iOS version, the iOS 6, that this feature has been made more easily accessible.

Ipad 2 Tethering to Iphone 3gs

Shiver me timbers! The iOS 6 provides a neat new Personal Hotspot shortcut on the main menu screen so users can quickly turn the feature on or off without having to go deep into the settings and connectivity options. The Personal Hotspot feature is quite easy to use but it requires an active data plan with a tethering option.

Mobile phone service companies are quite keen on the usage of their data plans.

Can I use Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot with the iPhone 3GS?

They only allow Internet tethering or the personal hotspot feature with added fees or through a specific service package. You will also need a data plan with tethering to share WiFi Internet access legally.

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If you have the iOS 4. Everything can be done quickly especially with the straightforward instructions that pop up on the iPhone screen as you go through the process. With the latest iOS version, the iOS 6. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Like in other devices, you can also do hacks and tricks to avoid paying for additional data plan charges.

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It is possible to do illegal and warranty-voiding jailbreak in your iPhone. Mar 9, 8: Mar 10, Personal Hotspot on iphone 3gs More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Personal Hotspot on iphone 3gs Does anyone know the reason apple is not allowing the personal hotspot feature to be enabled on the iphone 3gs? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Any answers you get would be pure speculation, which is not permitted on these forums. You can suggest Apple make that feature available to the 3GS here: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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Personal Hotspot and internet tethering are totaly different. Hence the word tethering meaning to be phyically "tethered" to something. A hotspot has alway been wireless.

Apple iPhone 3GS

You should have replied, I don't know why the Personal Hotspot feature is not being enabled in the 3gs. What you may not know is that the iOS 4. This lets any of those devices obtain an Internet connection from an iPhone with its sharing feature enabled. Yes, you can even connect one iPhone as a client to another acting as a server in this manner. Bluetooth tethering has a set of advantages that might lead you to select it instead of Wi-Fi for routing your iOS device through an iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot.

It also has a few drawbacks that might dissuade you. For iPhone 3G and 3GS users, this form of tethering also allows other iOS devices to share a connection, which was previously impossible. If either phone has iOS 4. The key advantage of Bluetooth tethering is simplicity, especially with a streamlined pairing process for securely connecting two devices over Bluetooth that Apple added to the iOS with the 4.

You can also likely save battery power on both the iPhone acting as a hotspot and the device or devices you to tether to it: Bluetooth should consume less power than Wi-Fi, even though modern Wi-Fi has a lot of built-in power-conserving features.

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When you turn on the feature on your iPhone, Wi-Fi sharing is only enabled for 90 seconds unless a device connects via Wi-Fi within that period. The same is true if you have Wi-Fi devices connected, and then disconnect or power down all of them: Instead of just pulling out your iPad, and waiting for it to connect, you have to first extract your iPhone, and navigate to the Personal Hotspot screen.

Wi-Fi availability should automatically start up just by visiting that screen, although I found in testing that I sometimes had to tap the Personal Hotspot switch from On to Off and back to On again. Bluetooth sharing, in contrast, is always available with Personal Hotspot. The tablet should connect automatically. The iPad then connects. However, with Bluetooth, all the security is handled for you automatically.

The pairing process confirms that no other party intercepted a key exchange; after that, strong encryption is used automatically with no data entry.