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Thanks for your reply, Scott. I have tried everything I can't login to my work email on my galaxy s5 i says: The name of the site does not match the name of the certificate. I havea galaxys4 as well and it is having trouble authenticating as well I tried the normal settingsthat I used for my iPhone which is imap. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I tried to setup my email as imap with no security. I keep getting the message that it cannot communicate with the server.

I followed all the steps but I got a message stating the server was not responding. I have been trying for several weeks. Post a comment. Back to first comment top. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. Education Channels. PrestaShop 1. Blackberry 1. Setting up Windows Live Mail 16, hits. Common 3rd party SMTP settings 6, hits. How to Set Up Mac Mail 43, hits. Outlook Leaving a copy of the message on the server using POP3 14, hits. How to Setup Outlook for Mac 3, hits. Leaving a copy of an email message on the server using POP3 8, hits. Setting up the Opera Mail Client 1, hits. Aug 25, The type of security the phone uses to talk to the server.

Will ask for confirmation for secure certificates. Automatically accepts all secure certificates. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. Is the information out of date or inaccurate? Is the guide complete? Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Are there broken links on the page? Additonal Feedback One being hard and ten being easy. How easy were the instructions to follow?

How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? Was your issues resolved? Additional Feedback Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:. Email Samsung S5 error. Deleted IMAP emails reappear. Ask a Question. Support Center Login Our Login page has moved.

Please click the button below to be redirected to the login page. Log In. InMotion Hosting. I recommend reviewing your outgoing or SMTP settings if you are experiencing issues sending any emails. You would need to refer to your device manufacturer's documentation to do that. Otherwise, you can try to remove and re-add the email accounts that are not working properly.

Can you please assist with next steps. Thank you. Ensure you are entering the full email address for the username, including the symbol. As a test, try logging into WebMail. If your phone is on wifi, turn it off and try to connect over the cellular network and vice-versa. This will rule out network issues. Thank you, John-Paul. I'm sorry to see you're receiving that error. The article also provides generic settings but your cPanel will show you specific settings.

For your security, we will not post your specific settings in the public forum. Thank you for your understanding! You can also reach out to our Live Support for further assistance with your email settings. I advise checking to see if they recommend different login parameters than the ones listed above. An "authentication failed" error typically is caused by an incorrect username or password. You can view your email settings in cPanel at any time. If your problems persist, I recommend reviewing your mail logs for additional clues or record of the transmission.

Samsung Note 3 manual setup imap your host site ded So a few things, port is reserved for SSL. You'll want to verify you are using the correct password for the email account you are connecting to. Since there are over a hundred comments on this article we will need more information. What is the full error message you are getting? Hello JT, The Spam folder is an option folder that must be subscribed in order to see it. If you're not sure how to subscribe to folders in your phone, you may need to see your carrier's support people for assistance.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Kindest Regards, Arnel C. As a test, you can try using a different email client on your phone. There are quite a few available in the Play store. If your problems persist, I recommend contacting yahoo to see if they can help you review your mail logs for additional clues since your email is not hosted on our server I cannot access the logs. Regards, James. Unfortunately, you'll need to either contact Samsung or Hotmail. We cannot answer specific questions about their services since we're not involved with them.

Set up of an email on phone shouldnt take more than 5 minutes or so. Also, see if you can set up from any other devices with the same information other phone, tablet, desktop. If so, then the issue is with the phone. If not, then it is in the information.

Setting up Email on a Galaxy Phone

Either way, that is good info for the support team when you contact them. Verify your username and password are accurate, by logging into yahoo mail with them. If you were hosting email on our servers I would check your mail logs. Hello Janis, We appreciate your response s!

Regards, Arnel C. Review your email settings to confirm they are accurate. If you are on wifi, turn it off. If you are not on wifi, try and connect using it. If your problems persist, review your mail logs for additional errors or record of your connection. This means you are not using the correct password. I suggest logging into cPanel and updating your email password. I always recommend using IMAP when checking email on multiple devices. Since the mail is stored on the server, it allows them to see the same folders. Authentication failed means that either the username, password, or connecting server information is incorrect.

I'm sorry we don't work with exchange servers, so we can't offer much advice. Authentication failed means that the server you are trying to connect to is not recognizing either the username, the password, or the servername. Rgds Rimba. Server setting using, outlook. Regards Parmod. This feature is usable only with the Microsoft Exchange mail server which we do not use or support. If you are hosting with a service that uses it, then you may need to speak with their support to determine why you are unable to configure. I hope that helps to answer your question!

If you require further assistance, please let us know! I fixed my issue in a strange way. Hello Nicole, Glad to hear CloudMagic worked for you! The email settings we provide are universal, so they can work with virtually any email client. Hello Abhi, You may need to contact the administrator of your exchange server to see if the logs are providing any information.

Best Regards, TJ Edens. Hi, I setup to received mails and that works fine. Can you tell me if there is some settings that I may have missed. POP3 will remove all the emails from the server and download it to that device. Then, any other devices will not see those emails. Kindest Regards, Scott M. Hello Namita Rani, Sorry for the problem with the configuration issues with your Exchange server and Galaxy phone.

Solved Samsung Galaxy S7 Cannot Connect To Email Server

Unfortunately, we do not run Microsoft Exchange server here, and the issue with your phone would be better addressed by contacting Microsoft support. I did do an initial search for the subject you asked about, but it wasn't explicitly clear on addressing that exact issue. You would probably best be supported by going to the Microsoft support forums. Hello Kristian, I am glad this article worked for you on setting up your email client.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the future. Thank you Mary. Hello Abdul, Thank you for contacting us. First, I recommend confirming your email settings are correct, then there are several test you can perform. If you are testing on your phone network, are you able to check via wi-fi? If you are using wi-fi, have you tried over your phone network? This will rule out a network block. Also, try alternating your settings. This causes your phone to use different ports, and can clear up issues.

If your problems persist, it may be easier to contact Live Support at the time you are testing, so they can review the mail logs for issues. Thank you, JohnPaul. Hello phillip, Thank you for contacting us today. Since you have been trying different settings, I recommend contacting your email host and asking what specifically to use. They may be using custom, or alternate settings based on their specific server configuration. Also, they may be having an issue on the server, or can review the server logs of your incoming connections.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Hello S, Thank you for contacting us. An "authentication failed" message means your username, or password is incorrect. There are several things to check when this happens. Make sure your domain did not expire. Check with your host to ensure they did not modify your account.

For example they may moved you to a new server, or changed your email password if it appears to be compromised, or spamming. Hello M A Roy, Thank you for your question. That should help you get your Yahoo mail setup on your Galaxy S4. Hello Chuck, Thank you for contacting us again. I was able to create a new folder under Inbox by doing the following: Hit the 3 horizontal lines on the top left.

Click Show Folders. Then, it will ask you where to create the folder , touch where you want the folder created. For example root. Name the folder and hit the OK button. You will then see it listed. Hello Chuck, Thank you for contacting us. When we tested IMAP settings on a samsung phone, it synced the folders automatically. I was able to move the email by doing the following: Open the email you want to move Touch the 3 dots next to the email Select Move Click the folder you want to move the email to If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting us. Often ISP's block ports, specifically port If you are then able to successfully send email, you know port 25 was blocked. If you still have problems, change to your SSL email settings. Thanks Mike. Hello Tracy, Are you getting any specific error messages upon setup? Or did the phone seem to set up fine but you are not seeing any incoming mails?

Do you have any other devices connecting to these email accounts? Hi, I am having problems setting up email on my phone using LG G2. Best Regards, Merva Somer. Hello Merva, Thank you for contacting us. It is possible that the ports you are using are being blocked on your network. Since you are connecting without SSL security off, port number 25 , try connecting with the secure settings as a test.

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If your host has cPanel, you can view your email settings at any time. If your problems persist, I recommend contacting your host to ensure those are the correct connection settings for email. They can also review the logs for connections from your phone, while you are trying to connect. Hi John-Paul, Thanks so much for helping me resolve this issue.

Hello ScookeIII, is the normal SSL port, and you should not normally have to have anything changed on the server in order to sync, however you may want to check on that. Since the error is an authentication error, that is either a server name, username, or password issue.

You will want to ensure those are correct as well. Hello Camille, I'm glad you got it going. I modified your question, and marked out your account name, domain, etc. It turns out that it is set up like this: Email address: I can get to all the other fields Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Hello Camille, I also have a note4 and I think I can help. I cannot speak as to the requirement of your host to have the username as the full email address. That is the case with us here at InMotion, but if your other phone is set up the same way, then that is also likely in your case.

As to your grayed out username and email address. I see that when I manage the account and click on 'Incoming Settings'. Mine is also grayed out. To correct that information, you will need to remove the account from the phone and then recreate it. As long as you have set it up with IMAP, you will be fine. If you set it up with POP3, however, you will lose any emails that were downloaded to the phone. However, you should be fine there since you are having issues connecting, there should not be any emails for that account on the phone.

To delete the email account, tap the Emails icon on the phone. Next, tap the 'Manage Accounts' option at the bottom of the screen. You should see the account you want to work with in a list. Touch and hold the account you want to delete for about 2 seconds. You will now be on a similar list but your chosen account should have a check next to it. Tap on the trashcan icon in the upper right and then confirm the deletion. That will remove the email account from your phone. Now you can start again and add the account. You will be able to enter the full email address as the user during this process.

When i press the button DONE a message caome up saying: Hello Louwrens, Thank you for contacting us today. An "Authentication Faild" message typically means your Username or Password is incorrect. Make sure you are using your full email address as your username, including the ' ' symbol.

Your password is secret to you, but if you do not know it, you can reset it in cPanel. Hello Todd, I'm glad to hear you got it working. It might be helpful to look in Samsung's Support site, as they may have a guide specific to your device. I attempted to look it up for you, but you must enter your specific carrier, etc. You provide the best info and its easy to understand excellent website will refer you to all my friends and clients,,, thanks.

Hello Todd, Thank you for contacting us today. An Authentication failed message usually means your username, or password is incorrect. I recommend double-checking the settings for typos, or misspelled words. If your problems persist, contact your email host, so they can review the logs for additional problems, or confirm if you are hitting the server before failing.

They may also know a workaround, or fix for the issue. Hello Jessica, Sorry to hear that you're having problems setting up emails on your Galaxy S5. I didn't have a Galaxy on hand to test with, but I did have a new Galaxy Note 4. They both use the same type of email client. Otherwise, it will never authenticate. If you need to see all of the appropriate email settings for your account using SSL or not using SSL, please see How to find my email settings.

I hope this helps to clear the problem up for you! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

How to add POP3 email account on Android Phone

Hi - apologies in advance if already covered! Samsung S4 and Exchange server settings. Can someone kindly help, advice step by step, I contacted 1and1 but they cant seem to find an issue as they there servers are ok thanks. Hello neil, Thank you for contacting us. Usually an "unable to connect" error means the hostname setting is incorrect, or the port may be blocked. Hello Saji, Thank you for your question. An " Authentication Failed " message means either your password , or username is incorrect.

I recommend confirming your email settings are correct, then trying again. Hello Emma, Unfortunately we have not found any other reason for that error message to date. We have tested on a full lineup of galaxy devices up to the Note 4 and have not had that issue. It is always the username or password as long as the proper server names have been entered. Check the username to ensure it is the full email address as well.

Sometimes just the first part is entered and that can cause issues. Thank you to all that have tried to help me with this problem. Thanks again. Unfortunately, the webmail clients aren't quite made for mobile access. Your best solution would be to set up the account on your phone using IMAP as described in this article. Thanks for the latest info, I will give it another try tomorrow Regards Al.

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By adding these additional instructions to it. This is what I did when I couldn't get my email on my G-S4 the first time around. Unfortunately when a field populates people tend to trust it but in this case some of the information needs to be changed!

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Here's what I did to fix the process for my G-S4. Look at the IMAP server field where your email address will be generated as imap. Do the same for the outgoing email field of SMPT when you get to it. If needed, look in cPanel to see what ports to use. Make sure as stated in the above directions to use your full email address in the email address field as well as the Username field.

I tested and it works.

How to configure email accounts in mobile device | Samsung Support Singapore

Good Luck! Donna - You are a superstar!! It was very kind of you to share and help us all out.. Cheers anyway. Hello Al, As I mentioned above, you can access your email via the client on your phone, by viewing your email settings and following the setup guide above. Since you are getting the error " Unable to connect to email server to verify account information. No respose from server " most likely your hostname is incorrect, or your phone network is blocking the port. I recommend comparing those settings to the ones in cPanel. If your problems persist, it may be easier to contact Live Support , so they can assist you with setting up email on your Samsung phone.

I have tried setting it up both via pop and imap with the same results: No respose from server". Hello Al, Thank you for your question. You will have to access Squirrel Mail in a browser, which you should also be able to do on your phone's browser. I have a Galaxy S7 and have been unable to access my email. My email is a Verizon address but it is actually serviced through aol. Is the problem with my phone or with AOL? Any advice? The first thing that you need to do in this particular case is to try accessing the email account from a computer browser. If you are unable to access the account then you need to contact Verizon regarding this matter.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then you should consider performing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. All has been fine apart from my email. I have Gmail on both phones and that works fine. However I have transferred an email account, that works fine on my S6 and also my laptop but not on the S7. I receive a message. I have looked through a lot of threads and this is a common problem from what I can see but no one appears to have a definitive answer.